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On April 26-27, 2013, an international conference under the title “TOWARDS THE XXIII WORLD CONGRESS OF PHILOSOPHY” will be held in Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia

Republic of Tatarstan and Kazan as its capital city represent a region with unique culture and history, wherein two civilizations – Western and Oriental, Christian and Muslim – have long lived in harmony. Kazan welcomes all men of letters!

The principal problems of philosophy as inquiry and way of life will be discussed during the XXIII World Congress in Athens, Greece. Men of philosophy, science and religion are invited to discuss same problems during the International conference in Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia, in honour of and as a prequel to XXIII WCP.



– Ontology, theory of knowledge and epistemology

– Social and political philosophy

– Ethics, aesthetics, axiology

– Dialogue of philosophy, science, and religion

The Organizing Committee will consider all proposals of topics to be discussed during the conference.

Conference languages: Russian, English, French, German.

Participants are kindly requested to present their contributions to the Organizing Committee

– Abstracts (up to 1 page); Times New Roman, 14:1,5; margins 2×2×2×2 cm


  Section title (ex., Ontology) should be the name of attachment to the e-mail sent

– Right upper corner: section title and form of participation (personal; by correspondence)

– Next line, centre: author, degree, position, organization, country

 – Third line, centre: abstract TITLE (capital letters)

– text (up to 1 pg)

Submission of abstracts is open until the 1st of February, 2013 (same as to the XXIII WCP), by e-mail:




Tatarstan branch of Russian Philosophical Society


Kazan State Power Engineering University, department of Philosophy