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of the Russian Philosophical Society
No. 2 (30) 2004 (208 p.)

We hereby announce publication and circulation of the Bulletin of the Russian Philosophical Society No. 2 2004 (Editor-in-Chief, Professor A. N. Chumakov; Executive Secretary, Professor N. Z. Yaroschuk).


The opening pages of the Bulletin titled Towards the Fourth Russian Congress of Philosophy inform of the forthcoming Congress scheduled to meet in Moscow from 24 to 28 May 2005 to discuss Philosophy and the Future of Civilisation. The column includes the draft program and the list of sections, symposiums, round tables and workshops, the names of panels’ chairs, procedure for the final program, conditions of participation and  requirements for abstracts. Further details are available from and

In a new column Discussing Preparations for the Congress Pr. V. N. Porus (Moscow) presents his ideas of the forthcoming congress in an article titled The Congress of Philosophy Should Prevent Disintegration of Russian Philosophy. The RPhS members and our readers are invited to join the discussion.

In the column With Authority About Dissertations Prof. G. Kh. Shingarov (Moscow), Deputy Chair, Experts Council on Philosophy, Sociology and Cultural Studies, the Higher Attestation Commission, is interviewed by our Bulletin’s Executive Secretary Executive Secretary N. Z. Yaroschuk.

At our readers’ requests we introduce a special column on The Bologna Process: Discussing the Problem. This issue includes Globalisation in Education: The Bologna Process by Assoc. Pr. N. N. Fedotova (Moscow); The Bologna Process: A New Wave of Reconstruction by Pr. V. Ya. Nechayev (Moscow) on the round table held in the Fcaulty of Sociology, the Moscow State University; The Bologna Process, or A One-Way Road by Pr. V. S. Diyev (Novosibirsk).

Information from the RPhS Regional Branches and Organisations includes materials about the activities of the Nizhegorod (Nizhny Novgorod) RPhS Branch; the International Conference on Rationality and Figment held in St. Petersburg; the Solovyov Seminar in Ivanovo; the philosophical activities in St. Petersburg.

The Events and Comments column informs of the Fifth Kireyevsky Readings on Optina Pustyn and Russian Culture in Kaluga; the International Conference on Gustav Shpet and Contemporary Philosophy of Humanities (Moscow); the Second International Conference on The Future of Synergetic in the 21st Century in Belgorod; the Round Table on Slavic Peoples in Conditions of Globalisation (Moscow); the conference on Higher Education for the 21st Century (Moscow).

The column Textbooks: The 21st Century includes The Textbook of Philosophy and the Formation of Student’s Personality by Prs. B. V. Markov, Yu. M. Shilkov and S. I. Dudnik (St. Petersburg).

Philosophy in Contemporary World is represented by Transcendent Logic: The Inversion of Morality by Pr. John Bryant (University of Indianapolis, USA).

The subject of this issue’s International Cooperation Experience column is Russo-Iranian cooperation in the field of philosophy. We publish Address to Young Russian Philosophers by Ayatullah S. Mohammed Khamenei. The readers are informed of the recent meetings of Russian and Iranian philosophers: the Round Table on Islamic Philosophy and the Weltanschauung of Sadr ad-Din ash-Shirazi at the Institute of Philosophy, the Russian Academy of Sciences; the presentation of The Wisdom of the Throne by Sadr ad-Din ash-Shirazi; a dialogue at the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Moscow. Russian philosophers attended the Second World Congress on Mulla Sadra and the Transcendent Philosophy held from 21 to 25 May 2004 in Tehran. We publish an excerpt of Ayatullah S. Mohammed Khamenei’s speech Transcendent Philosophy of Mulla Sadra made at the Tehran Congress; a speech delivered by Mr. Mehdi Imanipur, Head of the Cultural Office, Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Russia, at the above-mentioned Moscow Round Table; Pr. A. V. Smirnov’s (Moscow) review of The Wisdom of the Throne by Sadr ad-Din ash-Shirazi. These publications are meant to encourage discussion of Islamic philosophy and its problems at the forthcoming Forth Russian Congress of Philosophy.

The Global Studies column allows our readers to acquaint themselves with the recent meetings of the Seminar on Philosophical and methodological Studies of Processes of Globalisation (Moscow) and the activities of the Siberian Centre for Global Studies (Krasnoyarsk). Further details are available from

The Pursuing the Subject column comes with Rationalism and the Methodology of Science by Assoc. Pr. Mamedaliev Zakir Gurban-ogly (Baku); The Statistical and Dynamic Ontological Principles of Being by V. G. Sholokhov, Cand. Tech. Sc. (Moscow); Rationality, Science and Neomechanisticism by Pr. M. M. Prokhorov (Nizhny Novgorod).

From the History of Russian Philosophy presents an article by S. M. Sokolov (Ulan-Ude) On A. S. Khomyakov’s Anti-western Attitude.

The Kant and Our Time column is given over to Assoc. Pr. A. G. Myasnikov (Penza) and his Kant and the Transreligious Nature of Contemporary Morality.

In Responses to Our Publications read an article How Worlds Are Created by D. G. Shkayev, student of the Russian University of Peoples’ Friendship (Moscow), apropos V. I. Pantin’s On Philosophical Aspects of Fantasy Literature (RPhS Bulletin, 2004, No. 1).

The Problems of Teaching Philosophy column acquaints our readers with The Results of Implementing the ‘Philosophy for Children’ Program in Pre-University Education as presented by I. A. Kudrova (Moscow), postgraduate student of the Institute of Philosophy, the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Published By Way of Discussion are Natural-artificial Interactions in Technosphere by Ye. B. Zolotykh, Cand. Geol.-Mineral. Sc. and A. D. Korolyov, Cand. Philos. Sc. (Moscow); Conscience and Human Health by Assoc. Pr. K. S. Khrutskiy (Novgorod); Self-organisation in Art by I. G. Mikhailova, Cand. Pedag. Sc. (St. Petersburg); The Emergence of Informational Society: Norms and Values of the Intelligentsia by Assoc. Pr. V. P. Barannikov and L. F. Matronina (Moscow); Integral World Outlook of Contemporary Man by N. S. Fomin, Leading Research Fellow, Russian Academy of Education (Moscow).

This issue’s Important Talk section includes two papers: The Value of Democracy and Democratic Values by Ass. Pr. A. S. Madatov (Moscow) and Fichte’s Idea of ‘Unitary Life’ and the Problem of Educational Process Control by Pr. A. V. Lukyanov and Ye. Yu Bikmetov, Cand. Soc. Sc. (Ufa).

The Raising a Problem column publishes The New World Picture in the Light of Scientific and Technological Achievements of Recent Decades by Pr. A. I. Yakovlev (Moscow) and A Theory of Epistemological Standards by S. Yu. Piskorskaya (Krasnoyarsk).

Mentioned as Noteworthy is information on the recently published ‘The Philosophy Ship’: Proceedings of the 21st World Congress of Philosophy ‘Philosophy Facing Global Problems’. Papers Presented by Russian Participants (Krasnodar – Moscow, 2004) and how to acquire it; The School of Conflict Studies, the University of St. Petersburg; the Seminar on The Philosophical Legacy of Vladimir Solovyov and Contemporary World (Ivanovo).

Read Useful Information about the forthcoming set of textbooks on History and Philosophy of Science from the Progress-Traditsia Publishers.

The Papers of the RPhS Members column includes information about latest volumes and the address of D. N. Alekseyev, the series’ editor, titled Why Do We Need ‘Papers of the RPhS Members’?

The Feedback column publishes review of RPhS Bulletin No. 1, 2004 by Pr. V. F. Druzhinin (Moscow).

A new column Philosophy in the Internet comes with a summary of Sites of Interest by D. G. Shkayev (Moscow).

In the New Notions and Terms column (supervised by Pr. Mikhail Epstein, Atlanta, USA) read about Intelnet, Co-reason, Syntellect, Paleonoic, Neurosocium, Noocenose.

In the new column Philosophy and Sports read Philosophical Problems of Agonistics and Humanistics of Competition by Pr. V. I. Stolyarov (Mowcow) and Miracles Happen by Pr. V. F. Druzhinin (Moscow).

See also book reviews, annotations, book announcements, information on books and journals available at the Presidium of the Russian Philosophical Society, doctoral and candidate dissertations in philosophy defended in the second quarter of 2004.

The Philosophers Joke Too column is full of student jokes borrowed from Moskovskiy Universitet newspaper. Read also a jubilee humoresque by Pr. L. N. Stolovich (Tartu, Estonia).

On the Poetic Page read verses by Yuri Ustinov (Moscow) and Alevtina Shiryayeva (Moscow).

Published also are letters of congratulations on jubilees, rewards, other notable events and obituaries.

Like in other issues of the Bulletin it is explained that the Russian Philosophical Society counts as its members only those who have paid the yearly membership fee and have been consequently included in the current year membership list. They henceforward enjoy all the privileges of the Society members, including subscription to the RPhS Bulletin. Full membership lists are published yearly in RPhS Bulletin No. 3 for the year in question; additions to the membership lists, in RPhS Bulletin No. 4.

The Bulletin’s subscription index in the Rospechat Catalogue is 79643. Please, email your messages addressed to the RPhS Presidium and the RPhS Bulletin Editorial Board to Our Internet website is To contact the Editors, please, call (095) 2012402.


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