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of the Russian Philosophical Society
No. 1 (29). 2004 (240 p.)

We hereby announce publication and circulation of the Bulletin of the Russian Philosophical Society No. 1(29).  2004 (Editor-in-Chief, Professor A. N. Chumakov; Executive Secretary, Professor N. Z. Yaroschuk).

* * *

The issue begins with an editorial “Thinking About the Future” where Editor-in-Chief, Professor A.N.Chumakov, having summarized briefly the achievements of the last year sets tasks for the future: preparation to the Fourth Russian Philosophical Congress and enhancement of the role of philosophy and philosophers in our society.


The editorial is followed by headline “Meeting the Fourth Russian Philosophical Congress”. The Congress will be held in May 24 - 28, 2005, in Moscow. Its central topic will be “Philosophy and the Future of Civilization”. The Bulletin contains information about a meeting of the Russian Philosophical Society Presidium and about meetings of the Organizing and Program Committees of the Congress; it also informs about the composition of the Organizing Committee (Co-chairpersons: Chumakov A.N., Mironov V.V., Sadovnichy V.A.) and the  Program Committee (Chairperson: V.S. Stiopin ) and about the congressional participation conditions including addresses and contact phone numbers.

An informational and analytical article by Prof. V.P.Gritzenko (Krasnodar) about the collection of presentations of the Russian participants of the XXIst World Philosophy Congress is published under the title “Evaluating the XXIst World Philosophy Congress and the Philosophical Ship Project”. Plenary presentations by Qwasi Viredy (Ghana) “The Role of Philosophy in the Intercultural Dialogue” and by Otfrid Hoeffe (Germany) “Anthropology and Human Rights” are also published here.


Under headline “Opinions and Comments of the Congress and the Philosophical Ship Project Participants” the analytical materials by Prof. N.Z.Yaroshchuk (Moscow), Assistant Professor V.M.Adrov (Astrakhan), Assistant Professor I.V.Mitina (Rostov-na-Donu) and Prof. N.N.Kozhevnikov (Yakutia) are published.


Under the title “Information from the Local Sections of the RPhS” the reader is informed about the Days of Petersburg Philosophy in 2003, about Astrakhan, Kursk and Kyrgyzstan sections of the RPhS, about a new RPhS section (OphIR), and about the Day of Philosophy in Tyumen.


In the part on “The Problems of Teaching Philosophy” a contribution of Prof. Yu.N.Solonin and Assistant Professor G.P.Lyubimov (S.Petersburg) named “A Workshop on the Issues of Philosophical Education Development” describes a workshop on philosophical education conducted in the S.-Petersburg State University by the Ministry of Education.


A new journal section “Teaching Materials of the 21st Century” is represented by the article by Prof. I.A.Gobozov (Moscow) “What Philosophy to Teach?” and by the article by Prof. V.A.Bazhanov (Ulianovsk) “About the Specifics of Contemporary Teaching Materials”.


Under headline “Ethics: Continuing Discussion” articles by Prof. F.A.Selivanov (Tyumen) “Who Should Teach Ethics and How?” and Assistant Professor T.S.Lapina (Moscow) “Continuing the Discussion on Teaching Ethics” are published.


“The Experience of Colleagues from Abroad” is reflected in the article by Lotta Knutsson (Sweden) “Teaching Philosophy in Sweden”.


"Global Studies" section includes an interview of O.V.Malyukova (Moscow) with a co-chair of the “Global World” Club of Scholars, Prof. E.A.Azroyantz, and a contribution by Assistant Professors A.G.Pyrin (Moscow) and O.V.Malyukova describing the discussion about Global Studies Encyclopedia held in the Macroeconomics Institute and the contents of the workshop on “Philosophical and Methodological Problems of Globalization”.

 Under headline “Futurology in Russia” a contribution “International Academy of Future Studies” by the President and organizer of the Academy of Prognostication , Prof. I.V.Bestuzhev-Lada (Moscow), appears.


Journal section “From the History of Russian Philosophy” is represented by articles “Philosophical System of A.S.Khomyakov (P.N.Medvedev, Moscow, Ph.D.Candidate), “The New Vision of the Integral Works and Ideas of V.I.Vernandsky” (E.D.Nikitin, Prof., V.N.Nikiforova, Ph.D., Moscow) and “Interconnectedness of the Ontological, Epistemological and Logical Elements in the Philosophical System of N.O.Lossky" (Assistant Professor E.V.Veselovsky, Vologda).


Under the title “Events and Comments” the following events are highlighted: the 3rd All-Russian research and practical conference “Buliding  Moral (Humanistic) Society in Russia” (Irkutsk), gender studies in Bryansk, Lipetzk and Ivanovo, an annual workshop “The Issues of Rational Philosophy” in the Institute of Philosophy, the presentation of Russian Encyclopedia in the Central Club of Writers (Moscow), a philosophical discussion about The Matrix trilogy (Krasnoyarsk).


“For Discussion” the following articles are published: “21st Century: the Dialogue about the Future of Marxist Philosophy” (Gudrat Seiphi, Moscow and Oleg Seiphi, Czech Republic); "Globalization and “War against Terrorism” in the Prognostic Interpretation of Pytirim Sorokin” (N.F.Zyuzeva, Ph.D., Syktyvkar);  “Science Teaching - the Philosophy for the 3rd Millennium” (V.L.Kissel, Moscow); “About the Philosophy of Education” (V.M. Zharinov, Ph.D., Moscow); “What is Time?” (Prof. T.P.Lolaev, Vladikavkaz).


An article “Religious Experience and Non-religious Self-development” (Zhurov S.P., Rodniki, Ivanovo Oblast) can be found under headline “Responses to Our Publications”.

A “Remark” by Assistant Professor V.D.Ruta (Moscow) responds the remark “Who is the father of philosophy?” (The Bulletin, ¹ 4, 2003).


Under headline “New Problems” the following articles are published: "National and International Norms of Environmental Law: Present Situation, Trends and the Future" (Assistant Professor V.N. Molchanov, S.-Petersburg) and “International Political Economy as a Sphere of Scientific Knowledge” (Assistant Professor G.A.Drobot, Moscow).


“An Important Conversation” involves Prof. V.D.Zhukotzky, Nizhnevartovsk (“Philosophical Manifesto”), Dr. A.S.Akhiezer and Dr. B.I. Zelenko’s, Moscow (“Specifics of Party Studies in the Russian Federation” and “Party System in the Transitional Period in Russia”), Dr. M.I.Sterenberg (“To Clone or not to Clone: This is the Question”).


“New Topic” presents the thoughts of Prof. V.I.Pantin (Moscow) in “The Philosophical Aspects of Fantasy Literature”.


 “Philosopher’s Calendar” provides information about the All-Russian Conference “Optina Pystin and Russian Culture - the Fifth Kireevsky’s Readings” (11-14 May, 2004, Kaluga); about the international research and practical conference “International Communist and Left Movements in the Conditions of Imperialist Globalization” (April 27-29, 2004, Moscow).


“Useful Information” informs about the release by Nauka Publishers of a collected volume “Science - Society - Person. 75th anniversary of Academician Frolov” and about the Fifth Iliadi Readings “Existence and Culture. History and Modernity” (May 12-14, Kursk).


“News from Abroad” informs about gatherings of international philosophical organizations (in English). FIRST WORLD OLYMPIC CONGRESS OF PHILOSOPHY  on the topic of:  PHILOSOPHY,  COMPETITION AND GOOD LIFE  (ΑTHENS-SPETSES, JUNE 27th to JULY 4th, 2004). Professor Konstantine Boudouris President of the Organising Committee. WEBSITE:, E-MAIL:


“Works by RPhO Members” explains how to be published it this journal and about the contents of issues 6 and 7.


Under "Feedback" headline an analytical and critical review of The Bulletin 3 and 4, 2003, is published, provided by Prof. V.F.Druzhinin, Moscow.


The Bulletin also contains reviews and annotations; information about new books on philosophy; about books and journals distributed by the RPhO Presidium; about “The Journal of Epistemology and Science Philosophy” (Institute of Philosophy); about Idea Press Publishers; about Ph.D. and Dr.of Sc. Dissertations onPhilosophy submitted in the first quarter of 2004.


Under the title “Philosophers Joke Too” you can find aphorisms about women (meeting the International Women’s Day) and “dangerous advice” from Vasily Pivoev (Petrozavodsk) “How to become a looser”.


"Poetry Page" publishes verses by Sergei Pitash (the Ukraine), Boris Blinov (Perm), Alexander Katzura (Moscow).

The issue also includes congratulations and obituaries.


Some evenst are added to the RPhS 2004 Conference Plan (116 conferences in total).


The Bulletin informs about the amount of membership fee for the year 2004 and the payment procedure. It explaines that to become a member and to be included into the members list one should pay annual membership fee. Since that this person enjoys the privileges granted to the RPhS members, including free subscription for the RPhS Bulletin. Full list of members is published annually in each third issue of the Bulletin. Additional list is published in each fourth issue.


The Bulletin’s subscription index in the Rospechat Catalogue is 79643. Please, email your messages addressed to the RPhS Presidium and the RPhS Bulletin Editorial Board to Our Internet website is To contact the Editors, please, call (095) 2012402.



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