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of the Russian Philosophical Society
No. 4 (52) 2009
(240 p.)

We hereby announce publication and circulation of the Bulletin of the Russian Philosophical Society No. 4, 2009 (Editor-in-Chief, Professor A. N. Chumakov; Executive Secretary, Professor N. Z. Yaroschuk).

The New Year Editors Column titled On the Issue of Competence (by Pr. A. N. Chumakov) is followed by a section on the World Philosophy Day: Philosophy in the Dialogue of Cultures. Read this for information on the World Philosophy Day activities in Moscow, Ulan-Ude (the Buryat RPhS Branch) and in Astrakhan.

Read Information from the RPhS Regional Branches and Organisations for a detailed account of the Round Table on Russian Philosophy and Russian Statehood in Rostov-on-Don (the Don Philosophical Society) and the activities of the Udmurt RPhS Branch.

See News from the Moscow Philosophical Society for information about the Academic Readings in memory of A. A. Malinovsky, biologist and philosopher (son of A. A. Bogdanov); the Fourth International Conference on Contemporary Humanitarian Problems. The Humanitarian Consciousness: Problems, Inquiries, Prospects at the Moscow State University of Civil Engineering; the Third International Academic Conference on Knowledge and Innovations: Sociopolitical and Politico-economical Studies at the Faculty of Philosophy, the Moscow State Lomonosov University; the Third Annual Workshop on Philosophical Issues in Biology and Medicine: Traditions and Innovations. Read also the RPhS members Open Letter to President D. A. Medvedev concerning the attempts to seize the premises of the Institute of Philosophy, the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS). This is followed by a variety of letters on the same topic titled The Fuss Around the Tub (an allusion to Diogenes tub), including the open letter to President D. A. Medvedev and Prime Minister V. V. Putin by the RPhS Presidium members; the Statement of the FISP (the International Federation of Philosophical Societies) Steering Committee; the Statement of the International Association of Professors of Philosophy (AIPPH); a letter by the President of the Academic Council of the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, the Polish Academy of Sciences; and 48 other letters of support from a range of academic and philosophical organisations, both Russian and foreign.

Events and Comments inform about the Seventh Kireyevsky Readings Optina Pustyn and the Russian Culture in Kaluga; the Anacharsis Tauris Readings in Simferopol; the International Public Conference commemorating the 130th anniversary of E. I. Roerich in Moscow; the young academics forum on Philosophical Issues in Contemporary Psychology in Krasnodar; the Round Table on the World Financial Crisis: A Beginning or an End? at the Financial Academy of the Government of the Russian Federation (Moscow).

Read Summing-up the Fifth Russian Congress of Philosophy (Novosibirsk, August 25 to 28, 2009) for a detailed account of the Round Table on the Philosophy of Ethnicity and Ethnic Philosophy; the Round Table on Philosophy and Literature; and the article Krasnoyarsk Philosophers on the Fifth RCP by Assoc. Pr. V. Yu. Kolmakov and Pr. V. I. Kudashov (Krasnoyarsk).

Problems of Teaching Philosophy present prize-winning students essays on the topic of What Is Missing from the University Philosophy Course You Studied, What Would You Add to It and What Would You Exclude? This competition was initiated by the Petrozavodsk State University and the Oxford Russian Centre. The sections other publication is Logic and Rhetoric at a Law University by Pr. O. V. Petrov (Moscow).

Read Managing Education: Contemporary Approaches for The Rating of Universities as a Factor of Managerial Decision-making by E. V. Bryzgalina (Moscow).

To learn about Scholarly Life in the Near Abroad read The Intuitive Style of Thinking by Assoc. Pr. A. K. Turashbekov (Chimkent, Kazakhstan); and The International Ecological Law and the Regulation of Ecological Policies by Assoc. Pr. E. M. Usmanov (Tashkent, Uzbekistan).

The column Advance, Russia!? is a response to President Medvedevs appeal for joint effort to find a way out the intellectual dead end. The section includes My Reply to D. Medvedev by V. T. Tretyakov, Editor-in-Chief, Political Class; Advance, Russia! But Wheres the Way Out? by I. I. Kondrashin, CandPhilos. Sc. (Moscow); The Way to the Alluring Beyonds: There, Behind the Blue Mist by Pr. Kh. G. Tkhagapsoyev (Nalchik).

The issues Important Talk is by Pr. D. I. Dubrovsky (Moscow) on The Problem of Cheating: About a Unique Plagiarism.

Civil Society presents On the Problem of Civic Consciousness and Civil Society in the Russian Federation by Assoc. Pr. O. V. Kozlova (Cherepovets).

Published By Way of Discussion are The Religious and the Scientific as Types of Human Attitudes Towards the Universe by Pr. V. N. Sagatovsky (St. Petesrburg); Is a Dialogue of Worldviews Possible? by A. B. Shulyndina, CandPhilos. Sc. (Nizhny Novgorod); The Mystery of Aristotles Denial of the Objectivity of the Dialectic by Assoc. Pr. V. D. Ruta (Moscow); On the Linguistic Turn in the 20th-century Philosophy by Pr. L. P. Stankevich and Assoc. Pr. I. P. Polyakova (Lipetsk); Homo Sapiens Will Give Way to Post-Humans by D. A. Dzhioeva, CandPhilos. Sc. (Vladikavkaz); The Socio-natural Selection as a Universal Law of World History by S. S. Peruansky, Cand. Phys. & Math. Sc. (Moscow).

A Topical Issue is discussed in Science and Faith in the Epistemological Context by Pr. A. A. Krushanov (Moscow).

Read History and Philosophy of Science for On the Usefullness of Fundamental Science by Pr. E. A. Mamchur (Moscow).

Read From the History of Russian Philosophy for The Russian Cosmism: The Global Issues in the 21st Century by Pr. A. D. Moskovchenko (Tomsk); The Conceptual Philosophical Foundations in the Pedagogical Legacy of P. F. Kapterev by R. S. Lunyov, postgraduate student (St. Petersburg).

Global Studies inform about the seminar on The Philosophical and Methodological Research in the Field of Global Studies discussing Dr. Jagidsh Gandhis earlier presentation concerning The Social Responsibility of a Contemporary Institution.

Read Polemics for A Reply to a Philosophical Partisan by Pr. T. P. Lolayev (Vladikavkaz); and Philosophy as a Game of Thimbles by Pr. M. M. Prokhorov (Nizhny Novgorod).

Philosophy of Culture presents Construing Culture and Mentality: The Peoples of Northern Caucasus up to 1917 by Pr. M. A. Shankao (Cherkessk).

Read Responses to Our Publications for The Dialectic of the Century by V. I. Dolzhenko (Moscow), a response to A Hundred Years Later by Pr. M. M. Prokhorov (RPhS Bulletin 2009:2); and Occultism in Contemporary Mentality by L. V. Fesenkova (Moscow), a response to publications by Pr. V. F. Druzhinin.

Read Pursuing the Topic for Russia Without a Capital? by Pr. I. A. Gobozov responding to the proposal to move government agencies from Moscow to other cities.

Feedback presents the analytical review of RPhS Bulletin 2009:3 by an independent observer Pr. V. F. Druzhinin (Moscow).

See Rejoinder for The Berlin Walls of Peace by Pr. A. G. Pyrin (Moscow).

Read Philosophy of Business for an interview with Ye. V. Demichev, Rector, the Institute for Business and Politics.

See the Young Philosophers Page for Programming Minds by Imposing Stereotypes in the Sphere of Art by I. A. Sukmanov, a student (Moscow); and Thanatophobia and Its Anthropological Roots by P. A. Yefremov, a student (Tver).

Read Philosophy in the Internet for an interview with O. L. Shevchenko, CandPhilos. Sc., Editor-in-Chief, ARGO, an e-Journal of philosophy and literature (Ukraine).

See New Journals for information about Zinovyev. Isklyuchitelnyy zhurnal (Zinovyev: An Exceptional Journal).

See Philosophers Joke Too for humorous miniatures by Leonid Podvoysky (Astrakhan).

The Poetic Page presents verses by Mikhail Zhikharevich (Pskov), Mark Lensky (Moscow), Naum Yaroshchuk (Moscow).

Read Our Contemporaries for The Joy of Intercourse by the writer Yuri Bondarev, about the work of V. A. Razumny, philosopher, publicist and critic (on the occasion of his 85th anniversary).

Read Jubilee for The 100th Anniversary of Martin Heidegger by Pr. N. F. Buchilo (Moscow).

Mentioned as Noteworthy is information about The Proceedings of the Fifth Russian Congress of Philosophy and The New Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 4 vols. (the chance and terms of purchase).

A new column Looking for a Job is open for the benefit of those it may concern.

See also book reviews, annotations, book announcements, information about books and journals available at the RPhS Presidium, doctoral (20) and candidate (90) dissertations in philosophy defended in the fourth quarter of 2009.

Published also are letters of congratulations on jubilees and other notable events in philosophers lives and obituaries.

See supplement to the information about the RPhS Structure and the RPhS Membership List (as published in RPhS Bulletin 2009:3); the former currently uniting 113 regional branches, 47 field branches, 39 primary units of the Moscow Philosophical Society; (47); the latter totalling 6,026.

Read also requirements for the RPhS membership for 2010. Like in other issues of the Bulletin, it is explained that the Russian Philosophical Society counts as its members only those who have paid the yearly membership fee and have been consequently included in the current year membership list. They henceforward enjoy all the privileges of the Society members, including subscription to the RPhS Bulletin. Full membership lists are published yearly in RPhS Bulletin No. 3 for the year in question.

The Bulletins subscription index in the Rospechat Catalogue is 79643. Please, send your e-mail messages addressed to the RPhS Presidium and the RPhS Bulletin Editorial Board to or Our Internet websites are;;; To contact the Editors, please, call (495) 609-90-76 or (495) 697-92-98.


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