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of the Russian Philosophical Society
No. 4 (44) 2007
(256 p.)

We hereby announce publication and circulation of the Bulletin of the Russian Philosophical Society No. 4, 2007 (Editor-in-Chief, Professor A. N. Chumakov; Executive Secretary, Professor N. Z. Yaroschuk).

This issues Editors Column has abandoned the customary analytical text for a versified New Year Toast from the Editor-in-Chief that alludes to the various activities of the editorial board members.

Our official column In the Presidium of the Russian Philosophical Society informs of the Presidium meeting on October 25, 2007 that summarised the RPhOs activities from 2005 to 2007; the forthcoming 22nd World Congress of Philosophy (Seoul, 2008) and the Philosophy Train to take the Congress participants from Vladivostok to Moscow; the future monument to Vladimir Solovyov; the Russian Philosophical Gazette, etc. The Presidium has scheduled the 5th Russian Congress of Philosophy to be held from June 24 to June 27 2009 in Novosibirsk. The Council of the Institute of Philosophy, the Russian Academy of Sciences, and the Presidium of the Russian Philosophical Society have called for financial support of the proposed monument to Vladimir Solovyov to be opened in Moscow on the World Philosophy Day in November 2009. To fulfil the project 6,000,000 roubles have to be collected by July 15, 2008. The money is to be transferred to the Presidiums special account INN 7704169045, Rossiyskoe Filosofskoe Obshchestvo OAO Bank Moskvy, Moscow, account No. 40703810500390000079, BIK 044525219; cor. acc. 30101810500000000219, OKPO 00071023, OKONH 98400, KPP 770401001.

See Towards the Twenty-second World Congress of Philosophy for the basic information about the congress on Rethinking Philosophy Today. (For full information, visit the Congress official website at Our column provides a list of plenary sessions, symposiums and sections, and specifies the application procedures. Please, note that the new application deadline is February 15, 2008. According to Pr. A. N. Chumakov, First Vice President, the Russian Philsophical Society, and chief coordinator, the Philosophy Train cultural event, the participants, both Russian and foreign, will travel from Seoul to Vladivostok to attend the International Conference on Contemporary Philosophy in the Context of Intercultural Communications, meet local scholars and visit local landmarks. The event participants and the invited public figures and press persons will then travel to Moscow via Khabarovsk (August 9; Round Table, the agenda is yet negotiated), Chita (August 11; Round Table on Russia-China Relations: Problems and Prospects of Cooperation), Ulan-Ude (August 12-14; International Baikal Philosophy Forum Dialogue in the 21st Century: Man and Nature as a follow-up of the 22nd World Congress of Philosophy), Irkutsk (August 15; a boat trip up the Angara river and Lake Baikal; Round Table on the problems of preservation and utilization of Baikal unique resources), Krasnoyarsk (August 17), Novosibirsk (August 20-22; International Workshop Rethinking Philosophy of Science and Education Today to serve both as another follow-up of the World Congress of Philosophy and a preparatory event envisaging the 5th Russian Congress of Philosophy to be held in the city from 24 to 27 June 2009), Yekaterinburg (August 24; Seminar on Science and Education in Contemporary Russia: The Regional Perspective [preliminary topic]), Kazan (August 26-27; International Conference on Tolerance as a Principle of Interethnic and Interconfessional Relations in a Russian Region). In addition to the above events, the trip program envisages meeting local scholars and sightseeing. The trip is culminate in Moscow on August 28, 2008. (The exact route and dating are subject to alteration).

The Bulletin provides detailed information about activities on the World Philosophy Day. The Moscow Philosophical Society held a conference on Rethinking Philosophy Today: A Glimpse from Russia (Moscow, Institute of Philosophy, the Russian Academy of Sciences). We have published the introductory address of Academician A. A. Guseinov, Director, Institute of Philosophy, the Russian Academy of Sciences, titled Philosophy as a Utopia for Culture; the address of Koichiro Matsuura, Director-General of UNESCO; the address of Dendev Badarch, Director, UNESCO Moscow Office; the speech of A. A. Listov, First Secretary, Commission of the Russian Federation on Affairs of UNESCO. St Petersburg marked the occasion by the traditional Days of St. Petersburg Philosophy. Its principal topic, An Intellectuals Mission in Contemporary Society, was the subject of debate at some 30 symposiums, conferences, round tables and seminars. In Yakutsk the key events were students conferences.

Information from the RPhS Regional Branches and Organisations includes materials about the International Conference on Philosophy of Law in Russia: Theoretical Principles and Moral Foundations; the Seminar on Nonclassical Logic: Problems of Theory, History and Scientific Applications (both within the framework of the Days of St. Petersburg Philosophy); the activities of the World View Philosophy Club in Sosnovy Bor, the Leningrad Oblast, and the philosophical seminar for Theoretical Foundations of the Speculative and Practical Understanding of Reality at the St. Petersburg branch of the Russian Customs Academy.

Events and Comments inform about the 7th Russian National Scientific Conference on Creation of a Humane Society at the Baikal State University for Economics and Law, Irkutsk, and the Institute of Philosophy, the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow; the 9th International Symposium on Dialogue of World Views: Public Initiatives and Movements in Nizhny Novgorod; the Seminar on Topical Issues of General Ecology at the Tupolev State Technological University, Kazan; the 3rd Russian national Conference on Sociocultural Portraits of Russian Regions: Sharing Experience in Kursk; the Third Tauris Anakharsis Readings in the Crimea.

Problems of Teaching Philosophy present Once Again About the University Philosophy by Pr. V. N. Porus (Moscow).

Under Managing Education: Contemporary Approaches read the second part of Managerial Decisions in Contemporary Educational System by Pr. G. V. Sorina (Moscow), as well as information about the recent meeting of the Council for Instruction Methods in Philosophy, Political and Religious Studies, the Instructional-Methodological Association for Classical University Education, in St. Petersburg and the International Exhibition Education EXPO 2007 in Peking (China).

Under Philosophical Life Abroad read Development of Philosophical Culture by Dr. Werner Busch (Germany), President, the International Association of Philosophy Teachers.

See the Chinese Philosophy Page for Contemporary State and Trends in the Studies of Axiology in China by Pr. Sun Weipin (Peking).

See the Civil Society column for A State of Law Without Civil Society? by T. B. Dlugach, D. Phil. (Moscow) and Once Again About Sovereign Democracy by B. I. Zelenko, D. Polit. (Moscow.

This issues Important Talk is about Language and Literature as Sociocultural Programs of Behaviour, Intercourse and Activity by Academician V. s. Styopin.

The Topical Interview is with A. K. Kazmin, Editor-in-Chief, the Russian Philosophical Gazette.

Published By Way of Discussion are The Centurys Starting Dynamics: A Verdict or a Cause to Think? by Pr. A. A. Krushanov (Moscow), Anthropocentrism, My Enemy by Pr. V. N. Sagatovsky (St. Petersburg), Name and Number: Two Principles of Different Ontologies by Pr. V. V. Kanafieva (Saratov), The Essence of Morality un the Light of Ontological Approachun the Light of Ontological Approach by N. N. Rodnova (Moscow).

Philosophical Anthropology presents Human Subjectivity by Pr. L. B. Buyeva (Moscow).

Philosophy of Health informs about the exhibition Civil Society: Healthy Life Style and Protection of Peoples Health and Environment and the RPhS contribution of to the event.

See our Global Studies column for information about the Symposium on Philosophy of Global and Geopolitical Studies in St. Petersburg.

See Philosophy of Business for Education in Business and Education as Business by R. A. Novikov (Moscow).

Our Inviting to Debate column, under which initial responses to the Ten Academicians Open Letter to President Putin about Clericalisation of Education were published, is renamed Continuing the Debate. New contributions to the debate are Students of Humanities Can Do Without a Degree, But the Constitution Must Be Binding on All by Pr. V. A. Ignatiev (Moscow); Do Teachers Have a Right to Tell Pupils About The New Testament by A. V. Katsura, a writer (Moscow); Science, Philosophy and Clericalismus Militant by Pr. D. I. Dubrovsky (Moscow); To Preserve the Dialogue by Pr. Tsann-kai-si (Vladimir).

Polemics present The Problem of Consciousness Material Nature by Pr. G. T. Zhuravlyov (Moscow) and On the Personal Sociomedical Research Chart by Pr. A. I. Yakovlev (Moscow).

See Responses to Our Publications for Pr. S. N. Trufanovs (Samara) retort to K. S. Khrutskoys Contemporary Philosophical Neocolonial Russia (published in RPhS Bulletin 2007:2).

Under the Standpoint column Pr. A. N. Chumakov and Assoc. Pr. A. D. Korolyov protest against the misuse of their names in the publications of the History and Philosophy of Cabbala section.

Feedback presents analytical reviews of RPhS Bulletins 2007:1, 2007:2 and 2007:3 by an independent observer Pr. V. F. Druzhinin (Moscow) and S. S. Peruansky, Cand. Phys. Math. (Moscow).

Read Scholarly Communities for information about the Russian Max Scheler Society (St. Petrsburg), the United Scientific Centre for problems of Cosmic Thinking (Moscow), the St. Petersburg Society for Cultural Studies.

The Young Philosophers Page presents What Kind of Youth Organisation Do We Need? by F. I. Shelyapin, postgraduate student (Moscow).

See Philosophy in the Internet for Part 1 of Internet as a vector of Change: From Things to Ideas! by R. M. Maslennikov, postgraduate student (Tver).

See Philosophers Joke Too for aphorisms by Pr. T. D. Dubovitskaya (Sterlitamak), selected philosophical jokes from the collection of Assoc. Pr. N. I. Biryukov (Moscow), and a humoresque titled Overliteralist by Pr. F. A. Selivanov (Moscow).

On the Poetic Page read verse by Alexander Katsura (Moscow).

Read Pro Memoria for reminiscences about Pr. A. Ya. Ilyin, a distinguished expert in the philosophical problems of biology, by Pr. I. K. Liseyev and T. A. Ilyina, the philosophers daughter.

Read Attention: The Competition! for information about the competitions to commemorate the 80th anniversary (in 2009) of the Institute of Philosophy, the Russian Academy of Sciences, viz. philosophical essays on the topic of Humanity at the Cross-Roads: Images of Future; philosophical essays on the topic of Humans in the Labyrinth of Identities; textbook on Fundamentals of Philosophy for higher schools and universities.

Read Useful Information about subscription to a new journal Kantian Collection; the Russian National Workshop on Topical Problems of the Philosophy of Social Sciences and Humanities to be held in Rostov-on-Don from March 20 to March 28, 2008; the forthcoming Complete Works by A. A. Zinovyev.

See also book reviews, annotations, book announcements, information about books and journals available at the RPhS Presidium, doctoral (15) and candidate (94) dissertations in philosophy defended in the fourth quarter of 2007.

We present two new journals: The Age of Globalisation: The Studies of Contemporary Global Process; Philosophy of Social Communications; and a foreign journal Newsletter on Computers and Philosophy (USA)

Published also are letters of congratulations on jubilees and other notable events in philosophers lives and obituaries.

As usual, the years concluding issue contains The RPhS Conferences Plan for the forthcoming year (2008, 81 events), and Supplement to the Russian Philosophical Society Structure and Additions to the RPhS Membership List (amounting to 5,717 individual members).

Read also requirements for the RPhS membership for 2008. Like in all other issues of the Bulletin it is explained that the Russian Philosophical Society counts as its members only those who have paid the yearly membership fee and have been consequently included in the current year membership list. They henceforward enjoy all the privileges of the Society members, including subscription to the RPhS Bulletin. Full membership lists are published yearly in RPhS Bulletin No. 3 for the year in question; additions to the membership lists, in RPhS Bulletin No. 4.

The Bulletins subscription index in the Rospechat Catalogue is 79643. Please, email your messages addressed to the RPhS Presidium and the RPhS Bulletin Editorial Board to Our Internet websites are,; and To contact the Editors, please, call +7-495 637-2402 or +7-495 203-9298.

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