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of the Russian Philosophical Society
No. 3 (43) 2007
(240 p.)

We hereby announce publication and circulation of the Bulletin of the Russian Philosophical Society No. 3, 2007 (Editor-in-Chief, Professor A. N. Chumakov; Executive Secretary, Professor N. Z. Yaroschuk).

The Editors Column titled Time to Decide highlights the principal points about the forthcoming 22nd World Congress of Philosophy to be held in Seoul (The Republic of Korea) from July 30 to August 5, 2007 and a significant cultural event to follow the Congress that the Presidium of the Russian Philosophical Society is working on at the moment. Participants of the event will travel from Seoul to Vladivostok whence a chartered train will take them home through the whole of Russia with stops in Khabarovsk, Chita, Ulan-Ude, Irkutsk (a side trip to Lake Baikal included), Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, and Kazan. In all of these places there will be ample opportunities to meet local philosophers, hold conferences, round tables and seminars, to say nothing about visiting local landmarks and general sight-seeing.

To those who will not attend the Congress for various reasons (the accompanying persons, sponsors, would-be participants having missed the deadlines) but would like to join this subsequent train trip a special cultural program will be offered to keep them entertained in South Korea throughout the Congress days.

Applications to join the trip are to be sent to the RPhS Presidium by e-mail ( or fax (+7-494 637-2402) not later than December 5, 2007.

See Towards the Twenty-second World Congress of Philosophy for the basic information about the congress on Rethinking Philosophy Today. (For full information, visit the Congress official website at Our column provides a list of plenary sessions, symposiums and sections, and specifies the application procedures.

Information from the RPhS Regional Branches and Organisations includes materials about International Conference on Man in Contemporary Philosophical Theories in Volgograd; the activities of the Bryansk Scientific-Philosophical School for Socionatural Research from 2002 to 2007; the joint meeting of the Buryat RPhS Branch and the UNESCO International Department of Ecological Ethics, the East-Siberian State Technological University that discussed Ecological Ethics and Sustainable Development of Baikal Tourism; the International Conference on Problems of Logic of Sociocultural Development and the Philosophy in Western Siberia in Biysk; the meeting of the Norilsk RPhS Branch discussing Pr. Ye. V. Tkachyovas talk on What Kind of Teaching Books on Humanities Do Contemporary Students Need.

The subcolumn News from the Moscow Philosophical Societies informs about the conference on Rethinking Philosophy Today: A Glimpse from Russia to be held on the World Philosophy Day and give floor to the participants of the forthcoming World Congress of Philosophy; the seminar on The World of Islam and Globalisation held by the Moscow Philosophical Society and the Embassy of Iran in Russia.

Events and Comments inform about the Second Assembly of the World Forum Intellectual Russia in Bryansk debating Strategy for Russia: Intellect, Education, Development; the Conference on Contemporary Ontology II: Being as the Central Ontological Problem in St. Petersburg; the Smirnov Readings on Logic in Moscow; the Conference on Philosophy of Mathematics at the Moscow State Lomonosov University; the International Conference on Intercultural and Interreligious Dialogue for Sustainable Development in Moscow; the Fifteenth International Philosophy Olympiad for School Pupils; the History of Philosophy Association in Novosibirsk.

The Russian Philosophers Roman Vacation is a collection of participants comments on the recent collective trip to Italy (August 12-29, 2007).

Problems of Teaching Philosophy present I Dont Know About You, But As Far As I Am Concerned by Pr. V. N. Porus (Moscow).

Under Managing Education: Contemporary Approaches read Managerial Decisions in Contemporary Educational System by Pr. G. V. Sorina (Moscow).

Our contribution to the Year of China in Russia is a new Chinese Philosophy Page with Pr. Che Yuylins article My View on the Russian Silver Age Religious Philosophy.

See our Civil Society column for On the Quality of Civil Society Institutions by S. A. Markov and Pr. Yu. V. Yarmak (Moscow).

Read Raising an Issue for Natural, Social and Humanitarian Sciences by Pr. V. M. Pivoyev (Petrozavodsk), On the Module Structure of Textbooks of Philosophy by Pr. L. G. Titova (Moscow).

Pursuing the Topic, Pr. M. S. Dmitrieva and Postgraduate Student S. S. Romanenko (Odessa) deliberate on our precious publications in their joint article on Innovative Humanist School.

This issues Important Talk is On the Philosophy of Engels by Pr. K. N. Lyubutin (Yekaterinburg)

Published By Way of Discussion are articles Russian Judges Against Anthropic Principle by Assoc. Pr. Ye. S. Usachyov (Moscow); The Management of Chaos in the Globalised World by L. A. Zaitseva, Ph. D. (Moscow); Schematisms of Russian Modernisation as a Form of Negating Russia? by Pr. Kh. G. Tkhagapsoyev (Nalchik); Why Does (Is) Not Our Civilisation Love (Loved by) Wisdom? by Pr. V. A. Kutyryov (Nizhny Novgorod); Identity in Social Understanding by Pr. A. B. Belinsky (Moscow).

A Topical Issue is discussed in The Social Chronotopos and the Problem of Subject on Social Ontology by Pr. V. Ye. Kemerov (Yekaterinburg) (to be continued).

Philosophical Anthropology presents The Image of Man in M. M. Bakhtins Conception of Dialogue by Assoc. Pr. E. M. Spirova (Moscow).

Oriental Philosophies present Intercultural Natural Theology and Indian Physicoteleological Arguments by Pr. V. K. Shokhin (Moscow).

Our Global Studies column presents a new journal, The Age of Globalisation: The Study of Contemporary Global Processes (to start in 2008).

The Standpoint column presents On the Systemic Crisis of Russian Philosophy and the Ways of Overcoming It by Pr. I. A. Aleksandrov (Moscow).

Philosophy of Business presents Social Trajectory by D. G. Shkayev, postgraduate student (Moscow).

See Inviting to Debate for the initial responses to the Ten Academicians open letter to President Putin about clericalization of the Russian society and the reply the members of the Academy got from notable writers and other cultural figures: Temporality as an Alternative to Theism and A-theism by Pr. I. I. Kondrashin (Moscow), and Religious Faith and Scientific Knowledge Are Antagonists by Pr. I. A. Gobozov (Moscow).

Feedback presents an analytical review of some materials from RPhS Bulletin 2007:2 by an independent observer Pr. V. F. Druzhinin (Moscow).

Philosophy in the Internet presents Is There Philosophy in the Internet? by R. M. Maslennikov, postgraduate student (Tver).

See Philosophers Joke Too for a selection of jokes and witticisms from And God Created Laughter: Religious Jokes and Anecdotes by Mihail Sergeyev, Ph. D. (Philadelphia, USA).

See the Poetic Page for verse by Alexei Panishchev (Kursk) and Eduard Girusov (Moscow).

Read Useful Information about journals Oedipus, Philosophical Antiquity Studies and the Classical Tradition, Landshaft; the 60th anniversary of the Znanie [Knowledge] Society; a conference on Reintegration of Brotherly Nations of Post-Soviet Republics: A Contemporary Categorical Imperative to be held in Moscow; the Days of St. Petersburg Philosophy, 2007.

Mentioned as Noteworthy are information about the forthcoming collection of papers by RPhS members on Problems of Making a Civil Society in Russia; the conference On Human Nature to be held at the Institute of Philosophy, the Russian Academy of Sciences; the seminar on the Aesthetic of the Subconscious in St. Petersburg; the International Conference on The Philosophy of Values: Religion, Law, and Morals in Contemporary Russia in Kurgan; the workshop commemorating The 450th Anniversary of Bashkiriyas Voluntarily Joining the Russian State in Strelitamak; the Russian National Conference on Philosophy and the New Integrative Knowledge in Yaroslavl; the forthcoming Twelfth International Conference on Philosophical Problems of Social and Humanitarian Sciences in St. Petersburg.

See also book reviews, annotations, book announcements, information about books and journals available at the RPhS Presidium, doctoral (10) and candidate (22) dissertations in philosophy defended in the third quarter of 2007.

As usual, the years third issue contains information about of the Russian Philosophical Societys organizational structure, which consists of the Presidium, the Inspection Committee, 116 regional branches, 49 field branches, 52 primary units of the Moscow Philosophical Society; we also publish the complete RPhS membership list (5,404 members).

Read also requirements for the RPhS membership for 2008. Like in all other issues of the Bulletin it is explained that the Russian Philosophical Society counts as its members only those who have paid the yearly membership fee and have been consequently included in the current years membership list. They henceforward enjoy all the privileges of the Society members, including subscription to the RPhS Bulletin. Full membership lists are published yearly in RPhS Bulletin No. 3 for the year in question; additions to the membership lists, in RPhS Bulletin No. 4.

The Bulletins subscription index in the Rospechat Catalogue is 79643. Please, email your messages addressed to the RPhS Presidium and the RPhS Bulletin Editorial Board to Our Internet websites are and To contact the Editors, please, call +7-495 201-2402 or +7-495 203-9298.

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