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Bulletin of the Russian Philosophical Society No. 1 (21) 2002 (200 p.)



We hereby announce publication and circulation of the latest issue of the Bulletin, No. 1 (21) 2002. Editor-in-Chief, Professor A. N. Chumakov; executive secretary, Professor N. Z. Yaroschuk.

In the Editor’s Column titled By Means of Quantity Towards New Quality the Editor-in-Chief addresses his colleagues with an analysis of the Philosophical Society’s current activities and immediate objectives. The jubilee speech of the RPhS Vice President Pr. V. A. Lektorsky The Russian Philosophical Community and Contemporary Western Philosophy will be found under the heading of Thirty Years of the RPhS.

The permanent column Towards the 3rd Russian Congress of Philosophy (to be held on 16‑20 September 2002 in Rostov-on-Don on the theme of Rationalism and Culture on the Eve of the 3rd Millennium) informs the would-be participants of the relevant conditions and requirements. Another permanent column, The XXI World Congress of Philosophy (to be held on 10‑17 August 2003 in Istanbul, Turkey), informs of the theme and the program of the Congress and participation requirements.

The column Jubilee of the Faculty of Philosophy (Towards the 60th Anniversary of Re-opening the Philosophical Faculty in the Moscow State University) tells about the faculty’s history and the jubilee festivities and summarises Dean V. V. Mironov’s address Culture in the Space of Global Communications delivered at the jubilee international conference.

Information from the RPhS Regional Branches and Organisations includes materials about the Conference on The Russian Silver-Age Philosopher’s World (Saratov); the Seminar commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Section of Theory and Methodology of Creative Work (Ufa); the Permanent Seminar on V. Solovyov’s Philosophic Legacy and the Contemporary World in Ivanovo; the Russian National Conference on Evanescent and Eternal: Human Ecology in the Contemporary World (Veliky Novgorod). This issue’s column on Activities of the RPhS Branches in 2001 is given to Omsk and Komi.

Accounts by N. Z. Yaroschuk of the Civic Forum held in the Kremlin on 21‑22 November 2001 and by A. N. Shishkin of the Civic Forum held in the Lomonosov (Moscow State) University on 12 March 2002 are published under the heading of Power and Society.

The column on Globalistics informs of the Permanent Seminar on Philosophical and Methodological Studies of Globalisation attached to the Presidium of the RPhS.

Under a new heading Free Speech Club one will find information about the Club’s latest session that dealt with Russia as a Historiosophic Problem.

Discussion of Topical Issues continues with M. I. Sterenberg’s Should We Introduce Theology into Our Universities?

Responses to Our Publications include Overcome the Fear of the Irrational by V. M. Pivoev (Petrozavodsk); How to Distinguish Between Hegel and Bebel, or Once More About the Textbook of Philosophy by S. B. Borodavkin (St. Petersburg / Tikhvin); I Believe and I Know by T. V. Prokofieva; Will There Be a Philosophy in Russia? by V. D. Ruta.

The column Philosophy in the Contemporary World publishes Pr. A. Olson and Dr. I. Tuuli’s account of the International Philosophical Conference on Paideia for the 21st Century held in Vienna on 25‑27 January 2002.

Those fond of Polemics will find Shall We Add ‘A Human Dimension’ to Our List of National Image Indices? by T. S. Skorodum; and Response to My Russian Opponents (Apropos V. V. Pavlovsky’s and G. N. Gumnitsky’s Articles) by M. Sergeyev (Philadelphia, the USA).

By Way of Discussion publishes Critical Comments on the Laws of Dialectics by T. P. Lolayev (Vladikavkaz) and The Philosophy of Technology by A. G. Voitov.

The Fortunes of Philosophy are the subject of Pr. N. S. Rozov’s (Novosibirsk) contemplation titled From What Beginnings Do We Begin (On the Focal Point of Intellectual Attention and the Opposing Standpoints in Russian Early 21st-century Philosophy).

This issue’s Important Talk is given by Pr. A. V. Ivanov (Barnaul) on the subject of The Grand Inquisitor’s Global Scenario.

N. A. Golubeva (Kaluga) is Posing a Problem with her paper On the Place of Musical Reality in the Philosophical World Picture.

Events and Comments inform of the First Readings in Memory of Academician I. T. Frolov on Life and Understanding; the International Workshop on Realisation of the Concept of Noösphere in the 21st Century: Russia’s Mission in the Contemporary World; the 15th Philosophical Readings given jointly by the Department of Philosophy, the Russian Academy of Sciences, and the RPhS; the regular meeting of philosophers with teachers and principals of educational institutions of Podolsk (Moscow Region); the Regional Inter-Institutional Conference on The Emerging Informational Society in Russia: Philosophical, Political and Sociocultural Aspects hosted by the Moscow Institute of Radioelectronics and Automatics; the Eighth Panslavic Congress; the Round Table on Elites and Morals at the Moscow Institute of International Relations.

Mentioned as Noteworthy are the 2nd issue of Papers by the RPhS Members; the forthcoming International Conference on Alternatives of Globalisation: Russia’s Human, Scientific and Technological Potential (Moscow); the forthcoming International Symposium on N. D. Kondratiev’s Scientific Legacy in the Context of Russian and International Socioeconomic Thinking commemorating the 110th anniversary of N. D. Kondratiev; the forthcoming 2nd Inter-University Conference on The Emerging Informational Society in Russia: Philosophical, Political and Sociocultural Aspects; the forthcoming Workshop on A. F. Losev and Topical Problems of Contemporary Social Sciences and Humanities (Krasnodar); the forthcoming discussion at the Faculty of Philosophy, the Moscow State University, of the textbook on Fundamentals of the Science of Religions edited by Pr. I. N. Yablokov; the forthcoming 16th Yearly Workshop on Contemporary Philosophy of Science: The Present State and the Prospects for Development to be hosted by the Department of Philosophy, the Russian Academy of Sciences; the forthcoming International Congress on Preservation of the Terrestrial Civilisation (the Russian Academy of Sciences); activities of the RPhS section of Philosophy of the Art of Movement.

The reader will find Useful Information on the new edition of the Encyclopaedic Dictionary Philosophers of Russia of the 19th and 20th Centuries: Biographies, Ideas, Works; the forthcoming 4th Scientific Conference From the History of Nature to the History of Society and the Future of Humankind; the forthcong 2nd Kuzbass Philosophical Readings on Images of Tolerant Intercourse; the forthcoming Interdisciplinary Seminars on Intellectual Networks and Schools of Thoughts: The Possibilities and Limitations of the Sociology of Philosophy (Novosibirsk – Moscow – St. Petersburg); the forthcoming 4th Ukrainian National Scientific-Methodological Conference on The Philosophical, Cultural and Religious Aspects of Understanding the Contemporary World and Their Scientific and Methodological Importance (Zaporozhie); the admission for the second higher education to the State University of Humanities based on the institutes of social sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences; the RPhS section of Wissenschaftslehre etc.

Under the heading of Pursuing the Subject one will find articles on ‘Freedom of Speech’ and What Stands Behind It by I. I. Kondrashin and In And Out of Shot by Pr. V. S. Korobeinikov.

The new column The Rational and the Irrational continues with Pr. V. F. Druzhinin’s final article on the problem in question, followed by Pr. L. V. Maximov’s (Ivanovo) The Irrational As an Essential Human Quality of a Human Being.

The Young Philosopher’s Page is given to Ye. S. Chistova, a postgraduate of Ivanovo, and her article On the Meaning of the Rational and the Irrational.

Another new column On the Candidate Examinations in Philosophy presents a controversial article by Pr. I. S. Timofeyev on The Didactic Aspect of the Interrelations Between Philosophy and History of Science: The Past and the Present.

We open one more regular column From Philosophical Archives. Published here are materials on modernisation of Orthodoxy under Socialism by Pr. P. K. Kurochkin, former Director of the Institute of Scientific Atheism attached to the CPSU Central Committee.

Among other materials are book reviews, annotations, book announcements information about the new almanac Discourse-Pi (Yekaterinburg) and the British philosophical journal Analysis, of the doctoral and candidate dissertations in philosophy defended in the first quarter of 2002.

The Philosophers Joke Too column goes on with new humorous miniatures of philosophical implications.

On the Poetic Page one will find verses by philosophers I. Kuznetsova, B. Rezhabek, A. Kozlov.

Letters of congratulations on various occasions and obituaries are also to be found.

Published also are Supplement to the RPhS Structure and Additions to the RPhS Membership List. In 2001 the latter included 2,882 names.

As usual, the Bulletin states that the Russian Philosophical Society counts as its members only those who have paid the yearly membership fee and been included in the current year membership list. They henceforward enjoy all the privileges of the RPhS members, including subscription to the RPhS Bulletin. Full membership lists are published yearly in RPhS Bulletin No. 3 for the year in question; additions to the mebership lists, in RPhS Bulletin No. 4.

The Bulletin’s subscription index in the Rospechat Catalogue is 70643. The RPhS Presidium and the RPhS Bulletin Editorial Board are located at 20 Smolensky Boulevard, Moscow 121002. Email: Website: To contact the Editors call (095) 201‑24‑02.




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