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1.                            Biosphere

2.                            Globalization

3.                            Global Problems, International Terrorism

4.                            Demography, Health

5.                            Engineering Ecology, Technogenesis

6.                            History, Future Studies

7.                            Climate, Ocean, Outer Space

8.                            Culture, Civilization

9.                            Science and Technology

10.                       Education and Teaching

11.                       Social Movements, International Organizations

12.                       Society, Sociology

13.                       World Policy, War and Peace

14.                       Law, Human Rights

15.                       Religion, Ethics

16.                       Sustainable Development, Urbanization, Agriculture

17.                       Philosophy

18.                       Ecology

19.                       Economy, Natural Resources

20.                       People


Anthroposphere; Biocentrism; Biodiversity; Biogeochemical cycle; Biosphere; Biotic regulation of the environment; Ecological state of soil; Geographical determinism; Homeostasis; Humus; Humus substances; Nature; Noosphere; Pedosphere; Soil; Soil degradation; Sturgeon fishes; The first nature



«Barefoot Revolution, The»; Communication, global; Global consciousness; Global evolutionism; Global problems, criteria; Global studies; Global studies as a branch of scientific knowledge; Global studies and philosophy; Global studies in philosophy; Global studies in political science; Global studies in the Soviet Union; Global studies in the West; Globalization; Globalization and modernization; Globalization, stages of; Glocalization; «Humankind at the turning point»; Local characteristics of globalization; Logical prerequisite of global thinking; Reports to the Club of Rome; Reshaping of international order; «The first global revolution»; Westernization; Wide-area networks; World system


Global Problems, International Terrorism

Drug terrorism; Ecological terrorism; Environmental racism; Genocide; Global challenges of modernity; Global ecological crisis; Global ecological problems; Global environmental  changes; Global problems and contemporary Indian philosophy; Global problems of modernity; Global problems of the modern world; Global problems, classification of; Global terror; Hunger; International (transnational) crime; International security; International security governance; International terrorism; International terrorism as criminal activity; Nuclear Winter; Regional problems; Risk; Risk, ecological; Terror and terrorism; Terrorism; Terrorism, prevention of


Demography, Health

AIDS; Demographic transition; Diseases of civilization; Drug addiction; Ecological medicine; Ecotoxicology; Infectious disease as a global threat; Population explosion; Public health service; Sports in the age of globalization; Toxicants


Engineering Ecology, Technogenesis

Anthropogenic changes of the environment; Autotrophy of humankind; Chernobyl catastrophe; Engineering ecology; Glass; Industrial ecology; Metatechnologies; Natural and technical geosystem; Technogenesis; Technogenic catastrophe; Technological progress; Technological pyramid; Technooptimism; Technopessimism; Technosphere; Technosphere, structure of; «The second nature»


History, Future Studies

Academy of prognostication; Anthropogenic crises in the past; Foreseeing; Future; Futurology; Global modeling; «Goals for humankind»; International future research academy; «Our common future»; Prognostication; «Road maps to the future»; World future society; World future studies federation; World order models


Climate, Ocean, Outer Space

Atmosphere; Baikal; Biogeography; Caspian region; Climate of the Earth; Climatic changes; Forests of Russia; Global climate; Global water exchange; Greenhouse effect; Hydrosphere, global; Kyoto protocol; Ozone depletion; Space explorations; Universe; Weathering; World ocean


Culture, Civilization

Civilization; Civilization development, types of; Cultural heritage; Cultural identity; Cultural universals; Culture; Culture Globalization; Culture of peace; Culturecentrism; Environmental psychology; Esperanto; Ethnic group; Evolution of civilization; Gender, feminist vision of; Gender equality; Geocivilization; Globalist consciousness; Human dignity; Human potential; Individualism; Integrity of human existence; Internationalism; Local culture; Mass culture; Multiculturalism; Social ecology; Stateless nation; Universal values; World Heritage from a philosophical point of view


Science and Technology

Biotecnology; Cyberculture; Ecometry; Geology; Information age revolution and human Rights; Informational revolution; Informatization; «Microelectronics and society: for better or for worse»; Paranormal; Science; Science and technology in global perspective; Scientific and technological progress; Scientific and technological revolution; Technology; Technology assessment; Technology, old and new structural features of; Transparency, global and information technologies; Virtual technology


Education and Teaching

Constructivist theories of learning; Education; Education in the post-modern age; Education, global philosophy of; Education, moral and intellectual skills for the new millennium; Educational globalization; Higher ecological education; Information; «No limits to learning»; Paideia and globalism; Philosophy for children; Philosophy of life as a school subject; Teaching, ethical aspects of; Virtual education; Writing


Social Movements, International Organizations

Alternative movements; Antiglobalism; Asian development bank; Civil disobedience; Concerned Philosophers For Peace; Dialogue among civilizations and the Islamic factor; «Factor Four»; Gandhism; Gorbachev Foundation; Humanistic manifesto 2000; International Association of Philosophy Professors; International Federation of Philosophical Societies; International Green Cross; International organizations; International Philosophers for the Prevention of Nuclear Omnicide; Issyk-Kul Forum; Public ecological movement; Russian Ecological Academy; Russian Philosophical Society; Club of Rome, The; «The third world: three fourths of the world»


Society, Sociology

Civil society; Closed society; Conflict, social; Consumer advocacy; Critical social theory; Elite; Human security; Humanitarian changes, dynamics of; Humankind as a family; Immigration; Local self-government; Marxism and Global Values; Migration; Nation; Network society; Open society; «Our global neighbourhood»; Pacifism; Paleopsychology; Priority rules; Public nuisance in Japan; Responsibility, types of and technology; Risk and post-modern society; Social change; Social traps; Society; Society of the spectacle; Tolerance; Undocumented immigration; Western values; World public opinion


World Policy, War and Peace

Aggression; Aggression as an international law concept; Alternative studies; Authoritarianism; Bipolar world; Civilian police, international; Democratic state; Democratization of international relations; European Union; Geopolitics; Global political institutions; Global security policy; Global state system; Hegemonism; International relations; Just war; Monopolar world; Multipolar world; Nationalism; Nuclear deterrence theory; Nuclear strategy, American; Nuclear warfare and morality; Peace-making operations; Policy; Political philosophy (theory) of international relations; Regional; Regionalism; regionalization; Stockholm-72; Superpower; Technocracy; War; Weapons of mass destruction; World government; World politics; World politics and globalization; World wars


Law, Human Rights

Capital punishment; Constitutional state; European Union Charter on fundamental rights; European Union law; Human rights; Human rights from the philosophical point of view; International ecological law; International law and ethics conference series; Global constitutional ideal


Religion, Ethics

Altruism; Apology; Augustine, perspective on peace; Baha’i faith; Bioethics; Buddhism; Christianity; Christianity and global problems; Communication paradigm; Deep ecology; Deep Ecology, philosophy of; Egoism; Geoethics; Global ethos; Islam in the modern world; Jihad from a Nonviolent Perspective; Judaism and nonviolence; Kang Youwei on the age of great unity; Kant on perpetual peace; Land ethics; Orthodox Christianity; Pan-Islamism; Pantheism; Perpetual peace; Religion; Religious politicization; Reverence for life; World religions


Sustainable Development, Urbanization, Agriculture

Adaptive strategy in agriculture; Agricultural afforestation; Agricultural decollectivisation; «Beyond the age of waste»; «Beyond the limits to growth»; «Dialogue on wealth and welfare»; G. Ch. Brundtland Report; Growth limits; «Imperatives of cooperation of the north and the south»; Polluter will pay; Strategic management; Sustainability; Sustainable development; Sustainable development and environmental policy; Sustainable development, institutions of; Risks management, technologies of; Urban and ecological aspects of city development; Urbanization; White book; World dynamics; World summit on sustainable development



Anthropocentrism; Childhood, philosophy of; Communism; Cosmism; Determinism; Development; Dialogue; Ecological optimism; Epistemology; Formation theory; Hypothesis; Indeterminism; Informal logic; Interdisciplinarity; Local problem; Metaphysics; Modern; Myth;

Philosophical didactics; Philosophy; Philosophy of nature; Problem; Problematic; Skepticism; Specific problem; Text; Universalizability, moral; Utilitarianism



Acid mine drainage; Alarmism; Contaminations with heavy metals; Ecological balance; Ecological crisis; Ecological information; Ecological monitoring; Ecological portrait of human beings; Expertise, ecological; Global ecology; Global ecology as a branch of scientific knowledge; Maximum concentration limit; Pollution; Radioactive pollution of the environment; Radioactive waste; Soil erosion; The red book; Videoecology; Western environmentalism


Economy, Natural Resources

Biosphere resources; Capitalism; East - West; East and West as social models; Ecological audit; E-governance, the case of India; «Energy: the countdown»; Geoeconomics; Global financial market; «Green revolution»; International economic relations; Internationalization; Japan's Miracle; Liberalism in contemporary China; Nuclear power engineering; Poor South; Region; Regional industrial system; Rich North; «The limits to growth»; Theory of long waves; Transnational activity of Chinese enterprises; Transnational corporation; Water resources of the world; World economy; World land resources; World Trade Organization



Arendt; Bogdanov; Chizhevsky; Danilevsky; Dokuchaev; Frolov; Gumilev; Jonas; Khozin; Malthus; Moiseev; Peccei; Roerich; Sakharov; Somerville; Teilhard de Chardin; Tinbergen; Tsiolkovsky; Vavilov; Vernadsky; Yanshin


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