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The coming off the press of a fundemental opus of Global Studies Encyclopedia in the Russian and English languages is an Event of Planetary Importance.

Global Studies Encyclopedia is an unprecedented publication dedicated to the issue of globalization and to the most acute problems of the contemporary world.

The volume appeared during the period of worldwide attention to the process of globalization. Scholarly literature on this topic is quite vast; heated discussions headlined in scientific periodicals and mass media are being held. At the same time, neither in Russia nor abroad one can find encyclopedic and analytical works covering the basic theories, concepts, and trends in global studies containing the latest facts regarding the current changes, the organizations and persons involved, etc. This publication is called to bridge this gap.


This work has been prepared by a large international group of authors (445 people); it contains about 500 articles ( more then 1300 articles in the Russian version) reflecting the most significant achievements in the field of global studies accumulated within the last 30 years in Russia and abroad.

The articles for this Encyclopedia have been contributed by prominent scientists, politicians, and public figures from 28 countries. All articles are signed and selected on the basis of competition specially for this publication.

The Encyclopedia has been composed and published by TsNPP Dialog with the participation of the Russian Philosophical society, the Russian Ecological Academy, an international non-governmental organization Concerned Philosophers for Peace and the Paideia Project of the Boston University (USA).

The Encyclopedia is intended for a wide circle of readers of various ages and occupations. Its dissemination in many countries of the world will contribute to promoting cooperation, dialogue and mutual understanding among nations.

To purchase the Encyclopedia, please write to:

117049, Moscow, Donskaya St., 15. TsNPP Dialog. Tel/Fax: 7(095) 933-19-70

or: 119992, Moscow, Volkhonka St., 14., room 102, the RFO Presidium.

Tel: (095) 201-24-02. Email:

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