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Since 2008 a new interdisciplinary scholarly journal to be published: The Age of Globalization. Studies in Contemporary Global Processes.

ISSN 1994-9065.

Registration  77-27365, March 5th 2007.

To be published twice a year.

Editor-in-chief: Alexander N. Chumakov, Ph.D., Professor.

Editor: Grinin L.E., Ph.D.


The journal is to play the integrative role in the field of global studies and to become a scene where specialists from various research fields will analyze the topical problems of globalization and its consequences, offer theoretical and practical solutions, taste and discuss new ideas and publish reviews, expert evaluations, etc.

The main topics for publications:

-        the theory of globalization and global studies as a whole;

-        economic, political, social, ecological, scientific, technological, cultural, religious, ethical and other aspects of globalization process;

-        the global problems of modernity;

-        the analysis of Russian realities in the context of the process of globalization and its problems;

-        global studies: topical issues of the philosophy and theory of history;

-        the problem of man in the light of the issues of globalization;

-        futurological aspects of globalization.


Russian and foreign scholars and specialists, professionally involved into the sphere of global studies, are invited to cooperate with the journal. Articles in Russian or English (up to 40 000 signs) as well as ideas and suggestions to be sent to: 119992, Russia, Moscow, St. Volkhonka, 14, room. 102, Presidium of the Russian Philosophical Society, Alexander N. Chumakov. Tel. (495) 203-92-98. E-mail: